Local Government Authority Award

QPLA is offering one award – the Local Government Authority Award. This overarching award will contain four sub-categories: Development and Opportunity, Advocacy and Marketing, Innovation, and Collaboration. A winner from each category and an overall winner will be announced at the QPLA ‘Partners in Time’ Conference.

Please note: Taking into account the four categories, the overall winner will be the LGA who has convinced the panel that their LGA demonstrates an outstanding example of delivery of public library services to their community.

Purpose and criteria

This award recognises the Queensland Local Government Authority that most demonstrates outstanding community service through the delivery of an individual program or service. Local Government Authorities are invited to nominate in one/all of the following categories:

  • Development and Opportunity – e.g. professional education and training, staff skills audit, review staff position descriptions
  • Advocacy and marketing – e.g. internal and external marketing, social media campaigns, FOL groups
  • Innovation – e.g. new and innovative projects, programs, library design or best practice examples in Queensland Public Libraries
  • Collaboration – e.g. community and other program partnerships, FOL groups

The short-listed winners will be requested to supply a PDF (suitable for printing A3) that sufficiently describes their project to enable conference delegates for vote for a Delegate’s Choice Award.


LGA must be a QPLA financial member as of 1 July 2015.


The prize is $1000 for overall winner, and $250.00 for each sub-category as either cash/gift certificate.

Presentation of the Award

The award will be presented at the QPLA ‘Partners in Time’ Conference Dinner in October 2015. No award will be given if, in the opinion of the award committee, applications do not meet the award criteria.

Award committee

The committee will be made up from members appointed by the QPLA executive.

How to enter

  1. Address all requirements in the Submission Form below for each sub-category your LGA is entering, ensuring all relevant supporting documentation is included.
  2. Submit entries, signed off by the Manager, to the Secretary, QPLA by COB Friday 28 August 2015.
  3. All relevant formats will be accepted as part of a submission.

Local Government Authority Award Submission Form [PDF]
Local Government Authority Award Submission Form [Word]