Truth or Dare Data

kvisser (2)Is research data the next big thing in public libraries? Citizen Science and open data movements have opened the world of research to the general public, but how does this fit with your library? Karen Visser, of the Australian National Data Service will be presenting on this important topic at the upcoming QPLA Conference and show the key role public libraries can play in supporting your communities to use and contribute to scientific research.

Karen Visser is the Program Leader, Skills Policy Resources at the Australian National Data Service. Karen is a Librarian who works with librarians, data managers and researchers across Australia to help build our national data portal. Research Data Australia has over 100,000 data contributions from over 90 Australian universities and research institutes and is growing daily. She has a background in education, training and librarianship in both universities and schools.


Mapping the road to digitisation

JimAvantix (2)The reason for digitising archival documents is well documented – all that now remains is to ensure that the digital image lives up to expectations.  In his session at the upcoming QPLA 2015 Conference ‘Don’t reinvent the wheel : A roadmap to digitisation’, Jim Cohen will explore reasons why certain digitisation projects do not meet expectations and how to achieve success. Learning from past experiences, discover why it is not JUST about the machine and that greatest contributor to a successful project is the combination of people and processes.

Jim Cohen has headed up Strategic Engagements for Avantix (formally Scan Conversion Services) for the past three years.  With a passion for the importance of historical documentation, he has become the champion within the business, and brings to life archival documentation which would otherwise be left dormant – invisible to the broader public.

Digital, disruption and community

Will-DaybleDisruption is both terrifically misunderstood, and terrifyingly prevalent. But looking beyond the buzzword, what impact does innovation have on community and its stewardship? Will Dayble will keynote at the conference, leading us through the emotion, environment and practice of innovation, where we find that the map is most definitely not the territory. Will is a tech geek turned social entrepreneur and delivers masterclasses on digital disruption, tech strategy and leadership issues with both corporate and the social startup community.

The Resilient Librarian

kirsty ocallaghanAs a librarian you’re often pushed to the limit. The romantic notion of doing what you love has been combined with doing tasks that are outside your comfort zone. You may be dealing with too much change, there is too much to learn, and you are struggling with a lack of confidence and resources to build better relationships and connections. Then just when you think you have got the mix right – an unexpected situation arises that leaves you overwhelmed.

We are pleased to welcome Kirsty O’Callaghan to the 2015 QPLA Conference to talk on this very important topic. Kirsty began her business nearly two decades ago to help people live more positively, less stressfully and with more health and happiness and is now recognised as a leader in her field. In this session, Kirsty will show you how you can respond to these situations, build your capacity, personally and professionally, to change, to grow and to expand – To Become The Resilient Librarian.

Partnering for change: It all starts with staff engagement

pamryanPam Ryan is Director, Collections and Technology, at Edmonton Public Library.  She is responsible for a portfolio that includes the Collection Management and Access Division, the IT Services Division and the Web Services and Digital Literacy Initiatives Division, and was part of the team that led EPL’s successful journey to becoming a learning organisation.

Pam will deliver a keynote at the conference on how employee engagement can increase staff performance and customer satisfaction by creating a learning community within your library service teams, and motivating staff to lead from any position.

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find out what it means to you!

MEB_photo_lgWords like ‘information’ and ‘research’ no longer connote the high level of value that libraries and librarians offer to their clients. Leading Library Professional and ‘InfoEntrepreneur’, Mary Ellen Bates will deliver a keynote at the QPLA 2015 Partners in Time Conference to share with us how to effectively and memorably communicate the strategic value that info pros provide.

Mary Ellen Bates is widely known as a leading business analyst, consultant and librarian. She has written seven books, hundreds of articles and white papers, and has provided expert comment on research topics to many media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Business Week, Forbes, National Public Radio, Wired, Computerworld and more.

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