The Resilient Librarian

kirsty ocallaghanAs a librarian you’re often pushed to the limit. The romantic notion of doing what you love has been combined with doing tasks that are outside your comfort zone. You may be dealing with too much change, there is too much to learn, and you are struggling with a lack of confidence and resources to build better relationships and connections. Then just when you think you have got the mix right – an unexpected situation arises that leaves you overwhelmed.

We are pleased to welcome Kirsty O’Callaghan to the 2015 QPLA Conference to talk on this very important topic. Kirsty began her business nearly two decades ago to help people live more positively, less stressfully and with more health and happiness and is now recognised as a leader in her field. In this session, Kirsty will show you how you can respond to these situations, build your capacity, personally and professionally, to change, to grow and to expand – To Become The Resilient Librarian.